Our Women

Josephine brought great sewing skills with her to Imvelo when she started back in 2008. Embracing the skills she already had Josephine was also taught the traditional skill of weaving which she has since gone on to teach to other ladies in her team.
Weaving is now Josephine’s favorite task which she does with such passion! Josephine has also been able to put this skill to use outside of work where she weaves sleeping mats to earn extra money. In her spare time, Josephine is busy looking after all her family which extends to her grandchildren.

Jabulile has worked for Imvelo since 2008. She loves working in ceramics.
Along with the ceramics she fastenes the double pendant necklaces, she does an amazing job at it.
She comes in with a smile in the morning and even did an amazing dance in front of the camera.
She lives in Manzini and has got two kids in school here. One of them is in grade 5 and the other in form 4. She supports them by working for us.

Fikiles favorite kind of jewellery have beads. No wonder she is doing such a great job at ceramics, shaping beads all day.
She came here in 2011. Over the years she loved wearing some of the necklaces from Imvelo, with the beads she made herself.
She lives in Manzini and has three kids here. She is supporting all of them with her work at Imvelo. Two of them are still in school. They are 9 and 17 years old. One of them finished school already last year and is now 19 years old.

Thulie has been doing ceramics since 2012. She loves beaded jewelry. She is doing a great job, making beads in different shapes and sizes.
Next to her work in ceramics, she does weaving as well. Her weaving skills are useful every day to make beautiful bags.
She has two kids who both go to school in Manzini. She earns money at Imvelo to provide for them.

Thembisile has a big family. She has got 8 kids, who are all still in school in Manzini. They need their mom to make money for school fees.
While her kids are learning she is at Imvelo. She works hard in ceramics. On top of that she also makes the beaded keychains.
She has an eye for color and usually wears a beautiful hat.
She started working here in 2008 and still enjoys it.

Girly is a valued team menber in the ceramic processes at Imvelo. She helps from the beginning of the ceramic procession line. She also does the fastenings of necklaces. Girly loves all the different parts and processes of creating Imvelo jewellery!
Girly has five children, three girls and two boys, ageing between 11-18 years. Working at Imvelo helps her pay for her children’s schooling fees, food and maintaining her homestead.
Girly has a passion for learning and is happy that working at Imvelo has helped her to develop her existing handcrafting skills.

Ncane has worked for Imvelo since 2008. She does the glazing of the beads. Next to that she does the ceramic molding.
She lives in Manzini and has three kids there. Her kids are between 8 and 20 and are all still in school. She loves necklaces, and makes beats for very pretty ones!
She has a second job next to jewelry making. When she is not working at Imvelo, she works at a market where she sells meat.

Zenu has worked here for 9 years already. She does amazing work in hand painting. She also mixes the glaze and does the glazing. A hard worker!
She stays in Manzini with her kids. Her kids are 6, 12 and 15 years old and are all in school. Her youngest son is 6 months old. She brings him to work and works with him on her back. He entertains everyone with his cute smile.
She loves the necklaces and bracelets and likes the work she does here.

Ncamsile has been working for Imvelo since 2009. She works with the glazing, the ceramic molding and the hand painting of the beads. She became a real expert in making beautiful beads!
Her favorite piece of jewelry is the graded Marula necklace.
She has five kids. Two of them are still in school, in form one and form 5. The others are looking for a job at the moment. She is providing for all of them by working here.

Maria has been working here for almost 10 years. She works hard in the ceramic molding. She also does the glazing and hand painting of beads. She stays in Manzini with her 3 kids. One of them is in school, in form one and the others are at home, looking for a job.
She loves the Marula small beads and is very good at making them.
To earn some extra money, she sells airtime at markets when she is not at Imvelo.
For the picture she quickly changed her work outfit into this beautiful blouse, it looks good!

Tengetile has been working here since 2011. She does the final few steps in the process of making our products. She does the fastening and the sampling of the jewelry.
Her favorite necklace is the plaited necklace.
She lives in Manzini. She likes working with jewelry very much. In the future her dream is to have her own jewelry shop. We are sure she will succeed at this, as she is doing an amazing job at Imvelo at the moment. She is gaining a lot of experience and does amazing work!

Pretty has been working at Imvelo Eswatini since 2010. She originally started sewing our beautiful bags but her potential was immediately obvious and she was quickly promoted. Pretty now works as Quality Control Manager ensuring that every one of our gorgeous beads are made to perfection!
Manzini has been Pretty’s home her whole life and is where she now raises her four year old daughter, Faith. She is able to do this through the sustainable income she makes working here at Imvelo Eswatini. A bit of a fashionista her self, Pretty is always wearing some fantastically colorful piece of jewellery.

Nqobile has only been working at Imvelo Eswatini for a few years but she has quickly made an impression on everyone here! She completes all our jewelry by attaching the fastenings and helps with the monthly stock take.
Nqobile was born and raised in Manzini and now has a son, Thando. Her income is used to support her family including her three siblings one of which attends the local high school. Committed to Imvelo Eswatini, Nqobile would like to stay here as the company grows and if the opportunity arises for her to work at a shop nearer Manzini, she will jump at the chance to show of her inner saleswoman!

Futhi has been working at Imvelo for years and has the skills to work with the ceramics and with our swazi grass tote bags and clutches. With our bags becoming even more popular we need Futhi’s hard work more than ever as she finishes off the sewing on the bags and adds on our trademark buttons!
Futhi rises with the sun and sells confectionary and stationary items outside the local school before she heads into work at Imvelo, a very busy lady! From Manzini herself she lives with her two teenage children, a boy and a girl. Her income goes to support her daughters school fees that are subsidized by the government.

Gcebile grew up with her sister and two brothers on McCorkingdale’s Farm, one of the five children homes supported by Manzini Youth Care. As an income-generating organization for MYC all our profits go to fund these homes so every purchase makes a difference!
Gcebile came to work at Imvelo in 2011 and is now Office Manager. We simply don’t know what we would do without her! Gcebile loves her job because of all the people she works with and that she has the opportunity to learn new skills such as accounting and business management. Out of the office Gcebile, who lives with her sister, likes to do a spot of gardening!

Welile has worked for us since last year. She was a hairdresser first, but decided to come to Imvelo to do sewing. She stays in Manzini. She loves working with fabric and her favorite products from Imvelo are the big round bags.
She likes her job here, but doesn’t want to do sewing forever. Her dream is to become a fashion designer. She wants her own business.
We are sure she will accomplish this!

Alice doesn’t make any products, she sells them. She works at the Imvelo shop, next to Ngwenya glass factory. She doesn’t like making jewelry too much. She loves talking and is good at selling our products!
She likes the plaited necklaces and the plain button bracelets.
She has one kid, of 14 years old who is doing form one in high school at the moment. She is working for us in the shop every day with a big smile!